7° Congresso Internazionale di Psicoterapia Cognitivo Comportamentale, Istanbul 2-5/06/2011

Webpage http://www.iccp2011.com/invitation.php

Adam Radomsky

Adrian Wells

Arnoud Arntz

Masterclinician Session :TBA
Pre – Congress Half Day Workshop : Schema Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder
Arthur Freeman

Masterclinician Session :TBA
Pre – Congress Half Day Workshop: Treating Personality Disorder Across the Lifespan
In – Congress Workshop: Applying CBT in Executive Coaching
Claudia Herbert

Pre – Congress Half Day Workshop: When Thoughts Fail to Surface – Bodystaging as a Method to Work with Complex Trauma and DID
Costas Papageorgiou

Pre – Congress Half Day Workshop: Metacognitive Therapy for Depression
In – Congress Workshop:Brief Cognitive Therapy for Social Phobia
Douglas Turkington

In – Congress Workshop: CBT for Trauma in Psychosis
Ed Craighead

Keynote: Prediction of Remission of Major Depression
Pre – Congress Full Day Workshop: CBT in Bipolar Disorder
Frank Dattilio

Pre – Congress Half Dat Workshop: Cognitive – Behavioral Strategies with Couples and Families
Frank Ryan

In – Congress Workshop: Motivation and change: cognitive behaviour therapy applied to addiction
Fügen Neziroğlu

Pre – Congress Half Day Workshop: Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Conceptualization and Treatment
Jon Kabat-Zinn

Judith Beck

Keynote: CBT for Personality Disorders
In – Congress Workshop:When Basics Don’t Work: Working with Complex Cases
Pre – Congress Full Day Workshop: A Cognitive Behavioral Program for Weight Loss and Maintenance
Masterclinician Session : CBT for Personality Disorders
Keith Dobson

In – Congress Workshop:Conceptualizing & Using Different Strategies for Different Types of Negative Thinking
Linda Craighead

Lata K. McGinn

Pre – Congress Half Day Workshop: CBT in Social Phobia

In – Congress Workshop:Enhancing Exposure and Response Prevention with Cognitive Strategies in the Treatment of OCD
Lorie A. Ritschel

In – Congress Workshop:Cognitive and Behavioral Interventions for Depressed Adolescents
Mark Freeston

Mehmet Sungur

Keynote: What is There to Learn from Sufism to Enchange Awarness and Understanding?
Melek Dağlar

Michael Rosenbaum & Tammie Ronen-Rosenbaum

Masterclinician Session :Treating PTSD in children who have been sexualy abused
In – Congress Workshop: The Positive Power of Imagery: Using imagery in therapy
Nikolaos Kazantzis

Paul Gilbert

In – Congress Workshop: Fear of Compassion
Paul Salkovskis

Keynote: Let me paint you a picture of science: Combining clinical science with clinical art in CBT
Pre – Congress Full Day Workshop: CBT for OCD: Helping People to Choose to Change
In – Congress Workshop: CBT for Health Anxiety
Peter Kinderman

Keynote: Measuring and improving well-being
Robert Leahy

Masterclinician Session :Emotinal Schemas & Emotion Regulation
Pre – Congress Full Day Workshop: Treatment Resistant Anxiety: Using Roadblocks as Opportunities for Change
Sara Tai

In – Congress Workshop: Cognitive Therapy for Mood Swings and Bipolar Disorders
In – Congress Workshop: A transdiagnostic approach to increase clients’ awareness of their problem(s): An introduction to the Method of Levels
Sharon Freeman

Steven Hayes

Pre – Congress Full Day Workshop: ACT in Practice: Creating Rapid Clinical Change
Stefan Hoffmann

Tom Borkovec

Tullio Scrimali


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